About Us

SEMAN Seeds has been involved in breeding of Solenaceae and Cucurbitaceae species over the years to meet the consumer requirements, fruit quality, yield and resistance to abiotic and biotic factors. Our vision is to become the international market leader through crop specialization and to keep cooperative relationships with our customers.

We work on breeding and production of species particularly belonging to Cucurbitacea and Solanaceae family. By using both the classical breeding techniques and the supportive modern techniques in the field of research and development, we develop varieties with disease resistance, high yield, good quality and long shelf life.

In our breeding programmes we develop high quality cultivars which serves the needs of international markets including Europe, Balkans, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia-Pasific.

We apply conventional breeding techniques when developing lines and hybrids. In order to support these techniques and also to speed up the breeding process we use tissue culture methods, molecular markers, we apply artificial disease inoculations and set up out-of-season nurseries and indoor-outdoor disease screening nurseries with natural pressure. DNA marker tecnhology and genomics enable seed companies to give new properties to processed food in a relatively short time. Recently, DNA markers have been extensively used for; crop improvement, DNA fingerprinting, genetic mapping as well as for seed purity testing and understanding the molecular basis of heterosis for future crop improvement efforts. Following the technological advances, we started to work with researchers from universities and institutions to apply Markes-Asssisted Selection (MAS) in cucurbits breeding program, leading to the accelerated development of new crop varieties.